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Volvo S90: Spotted Testing in Heavy Camo

In 2013, Volvo shook things up with the release of the Concept Coupe, a model foretelling the new design language that the brand was developing. In 2014, it kicked off the new XC90 to the acclaim of drivers and journalists everywhere. Now, its second flagship model is coming: the S90.

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Chock-Full of Creature Comforts: 2016 Volvo XC90

Not that it comes as any huge surprise to us at Jaffarian Volvo, but our Swedish automaker seems set to have a huge hit on its hands in the spanking-new 2016 Volvo XC90.

Give a gander to the video below to behold this big-bodied beaut "in the metal":

Three are three unique trim levels within the XC90 model range.  And while they're all great in their own right, we can't help but acknowledge…

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Volvo XC90 Excellence Lounge Console: Redefining Luxury

At Jaffarian Volvo, we have always kept an inventory full of luxurious vehicles that surround you in premium materials, and reliable safety. Now, luxury is being taken to the next level with the Volvo XC90 Lounge Console concept.

Revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show, the lounge console removes the front passenger seat, and replaces it with a 17" entertainment screen and footrest for the chauffeured passenger to recline and stretch out onto.

Additionally, the console…

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Google designer praises Volvo XC90 for pushing the boundaries of innovation

Lead designer at Google, Isabella Olsson, says it's her mission to create things that make people's lives better. Our team at Jaffarian Volvo has this in common with Olsson, as our new Volvo inventory features vehicles that demonstrate the brand's commitment to safety, excellence, and the environment. That said, meet Olsson's car of choice, the Volvo XC90.

We can't think of a better vehicle for Olsson to drive. Now available…

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Your car is only a smartphone app away with Volvo On Call

You decide to take a trip to Boston for the weekend. You drive downtown, and you're circling the place for 20 minutes, just praying to the parking gods that a space will appear before you just give up and drive home without even getting out of the car. Finally, you spot a place to park on an elusive side street that you convince yourself that your Spidey-sense will be able to find again after…

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Guess What Major Safety Innovation Was Started By Volvo

The moment you step into your Volvo car, you're protected by engineered crumple zones, airbags, and futuristic collision-avoidance technology. A Volvo can detect pedestrians and stray bikers and stop before hitting them even in the dark. Even if you never saw them coming, and never hit the brakes.

Obstacle detection and automatic braking are a few of the newest innovations by Volvo, but Volvo has a rich history in the safety of cars. One…

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How to avoid pothole damage with Jaffarian Volvo

As we're well into March now, we're coming up on everyone's favorite time of the year here in Haverhill, MA -- pothole season! Don't you just love when you're late for work but the highway is riddled with cracks and craters like you're driving through a construction site or the moon?

These crevices aren't only bothersome, they can be downright dangerous. One good bounce in and out of a…

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Will Volvo's New Connected Technology Keep You Off Black Ice?

This winter has been a tricky time for driving. You've probably seen your share of cars off the road this season. And why? Probably because they were driving too fast or too recklessly for the road conditions.

In fact, they may have been driving fine for the conditions on part of the road, but were taken by surprise by a patch of black ice.

Black ice gets its name because it blends in with…

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Volvo recharges lineup with all-new XC90 plug-in hybrid

Even more than we like the sound of a "Pure mode" driving function, we love what it means -- zero gasoline and zero emissions. The Volvo has long been known for its concern for the safety of its passengers, and now with the reveal of the premier plug-in hybrid version of the 2016 Volvo XC90 Twin Engine, it's clear that its concern extends to the safety of the Earth as well.

The "twin engine" name…

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